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David Wayne Schroeder

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Last photo taken of David Schroeder

David Schroeder was last seen on September 22, 2012 at his home in Brice Prairie, Wisconsin.

Dave mentioned not feeling well while they were at church, so his wife, Karla dropped him off at home. He told her he would lay down and get some rest. Karla then headed back to church, leaving their home around 2:10 pm.

Schroeder’s oldest son arrived around 15 minutes later but his father was not there. He apparently left on foot without his money, wallet phone, ID or his medication that is necessary to control his diabetes.

Karla knew something was wrong and reported her husband missing, but because David was an adult, police would not initiate a search until five days had passed.

Scent dogs had tracked David's scent across the street and about a mile along the railroad tracks, but then lost his scent. Despite extensive searches using helicopters, the DNR (Department of Natural Resources), and tracking and cadaver dogs nothing was found.

David is described as a dedicated father to his sons, his youngest son had a severe disability. He was a loving husband, and he and Karla had just celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. He was also very active at his church and played guitar at Sunday services. It would be out of character for him to just leave.

David was declared legally dead a year and a half after he was last seen. Schroeder's case remains unsolved.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

  • LaCrosse County Sheriff's Office 608-785-5942


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