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Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Missing Since January 25, 2012

Gene Jacob Cloud Jr. was last seen on January 25, 2012. He had moved to Tomah, Wisconsin, to be close to his pregnant girlfriend. Gene was 20 years old and had determined to help financially support his new family. He had taken the first step by returning to school to finish his high school diploma.

Gene was last seen in Black River Falls when the vehicle he was driving went into a ditch and a police officer stopped to offer assistance. He had several outstanding warrants for arrest based on minor charges, and the vehicle he had been driving that night was registered to his girlfriend's sister. Instead of waiting for the officer's assistance, Gene took off running into the woods.

At first Gene was assumed to have disappeared willingly, and the missing person search was slow to take hold. When family and friends became concerned that he hadn't made contact with anyone, a search party was formed by tribal party members who were able to trace Gene's footprints through three-foot deep snow. The footprints showed he had walked over 3 miles away from where his car had broken down. He had been walking in the woods parallel to the road and had even crossed back and forth over the road into the woods a few times. Ultimately the Jackson County Sheriff's Department brought out tracking dogs who were able to pick up his scent, but then lost it at the road. It is unknown if Gene got into a vehicle at this location.

Gene Jacob Cloud Jr. is a Native American member of the Ho-Chunk Indian tribe. His nickname is Breezy. His left ear is pierced and he has a tattoo on his left hand. He is 5'8" and weighed roughly 140 pounds on the night he went missing. He would now be 27 years old.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Chief Earl Lemieux

Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department


Additional Sources:

"Gene J. Cloud Jr. Has Been Added to Missing Person List in State of Wisconsin." Sanford LittleEagle, Hocak Worak. February 24, 2012.

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