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Bilial Hammette

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Missing Since August 6, 2011

Bilial Lamir Hammette was only eighteen years old when he vanished from Beloit, Wisconsin, on the afternoon of August 6th, 2011. Early investigation into his disappearance was difficult as Bilial had recently spent time in jail and he had no bank account, cell phone or car.

He began the morning of August 6th by running errands in town with his mom, Lorrie Hammette. Following this, the two stood together outside their home in Beloit and had a heartwarming conversation in which Bilial told his mother he had missed her and wanted to spend more time with her. He suggested they go to a movie together soon and then mentioned he had been trying to get his friends to go fishing, but so far nobody was showing any interest. He gave his mom a hug and told her he loved her before she headed off to speak with a neighbor.

Bilial was with a group of friends later that day when a black vehicle pulled up to give him a ride. Bilial's friends did not recognize this vehicle and the make/model is unknown. It seemed out of character for him to go somewhere without disclosing his destination or whereabouts to friends or family, especially since he had no cell phone or transportation of his own. This was the last known sighting of Bilial Hammette.

Friends who grew up with Bilial have described him as funny and friendly, adventurous, and able to take anything apart and put it back together. He was an honor roll student in the 7th and 8th grade and obtained his GED in just one and a half months. He was an aspiring musician with big dreams and admirable talent. He had become known to his friends as "K.O." and they were impressed by his ability to jump in the recording studio without even needing to write or rehearse. Shortly before his disappearance, Bilial had enrolled in the Madison Media Institute.

Bilial would be 25 years old this year. He is roughly six feet tall, 150 pounds, with multiple tattoos including a dollar sign under his right eye and several dollar signs on his neck under the left ear. He may have gone by the alias Kenny M. Oxford.

Bilial's friends and family have been very vocal in expressing their hopes to see his return, including coming together to produce several videos and albums (available online) with the hope of raising awareness about his disappearance.

"I don't know if I'll ever have any closure," said Lorrie Hammette in a heartfelt video interview conducted by Bilial's friends Tas Raww & Lil Chief. When asked what she would say to Bilial if she could communicate just one message to him, her answer is "I love you, and I miss you every day."

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Beloit Police Department



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Wisconsin Department of Corrections

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