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Ruth Ellen Mazuchowski

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Ruth Ellen Mazuchowski

Ruth was last seen leaving a friend's home in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin on the morning of March 25th 1997 and has never been seen again.

Ruth lived with her husband, Thaddeus "Ted" Mazuchowski and their son, Richard.

Inge Booke, Ruth's mom, lived in Mississippi and said that she didn't get to see her daughter much, but they did speak on the phone at least once a month. Inge said that Ruth shared with her that her marriage was failing and that they had planned to separate. Inge came to Wisconsin for a visit the week before Ruth disappeared, hoping to talk Ruth into returning with her to Mississippi. Ruth declined her mother's offer but separated from her husband and moved in with a male friend, She went missing two days later. All her belongings were left behind and two paychecks from Jewel Food Store in Kenosha were never claimed. She last worked on March 24th.

Ruth’s husband, adult son and friend never reported her disappearance, each person saying that they didn't feel as though it was their responsibility. Ruth’s mother contacted police on May 19th. Law Enforcement stated that the two month delay in reporting her disappearance hurt the investigation. There are very few clues in Ruth’s case. Foul Play has not been ruled out.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Kenosha County Sheriff's Department

  • 262-605-5139

  • 262-605-5102


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