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Max Edward Metcalf

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

On October 7th, 1958, Max Metcalf was last seen by his wife and five children as he left their home for a few beers at the local tavern about half a mile from his farm. He never returned home.

His Dodge 330 was found that same night between 11pm and 12am in Oshkosh about 35 miles away, parked behind a storage facility on South Main Street. At the time, police did not find the truck suspicious and he was not known to be missing. Later in the week, the police did get reports of his disappearance. It was reported that the parking break was on; His wife, Katie thought that this was strange because Max never used it because it was broken.

There had been a few reports of seeing him days later but nothing that could be verified.

Max was 33 years old, white male with brown hair, blue eyes about 5'5" - 6'3" and 190-220lbs, He was last seen wearing a blue Air Force shirt, Wrangler blue jeans and maroon canvas shoes. He was an Air Force Veteran.

Any Leads or Information should be directed to:

Berlin Police Department

(920) 361-0444

More Information can be found at:

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