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Julia Ann O'Neill

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Julia Ann O'Neill was last seen in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on June 18, 1997. She is 5'8" with brown hair, green eyes, and 5 inch scars on both sides of her right knee. Julia was 31 when she went missing and would now be 53 years old.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Detective Sergeant Greg Godec New Berlin Police Department


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1 Comment

Apr 08

I knew Julie from lake Geneva, WI. back in the late Eighties to 1991 She used to come to my farm and hang out. She was very nice, but sometimes, drugs would consume her. The last time I saw Julie was when she came to my farm one morning in 1991 and asked to use the bathroom. My girlfriend and I were sleeping upstairs when she arrived. After Julie used the bathroom, my girlfriend went down and noticed Julie had taken a thick silver necklace as well as some gold earnings that were on the counter. Whilst Julie was still there, I asked her if she took the items. She denied at first, but after, admitted she took them. At…

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