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In Honor of Veterans Day

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

While we honor our veterans as a nation, Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy honors veterans who have gone missing and their loved ones.

In 2017, Wisconsin passed Act 175 the act requires the Department of Justice provide law enforcement access to emergency alert systems such as broadcasters or outdoor advertisers in the event of a missing, at-risk veteran. If law enforcement receives a report of a missing veteran within 72 hours of their disappearance they are required to disseminate the information as quickly as possible if the veteran is at risk due to a physical or mental health condition, and if there is sufficient information that could assist in locating the missing veteran. As a system, this is called a Green Alert.

Veteran's face a unique set of risk factors that put them at great risk. 20% of veterans who served in Iran or Afghanistan have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 19.5% of the same group have experienced a traumatic brain injury. 25% of veterans meet criteria for a substance use disorder. Perhaps most jarring; only 50% of veterans who need mental health care receive it. The reasons for this range from stigma around seeking mental health treatment to long wait times for care or distance from a treatment center.

If you would like to know more about the challenges veterans face and support the cause, please visit the National Veterans Foundation website at:

Below, please view the information on missing veterans in Wisconsin. If you have any information, please reach out to the corresponding law enforcement agencies.

Max Edward Metcalf US Airforce Missing as of 10/7/58 from Princeton, WI

Berlin Police Department

(920) 361-0444

Kenneth Plaisted US Navy Veteran Missing since 11/16/71 from Milwaukee, WI

New Holstein Police Department

(920) 898-4241

Frank Thomas Christensen US Air Force Airman Missing since 7/8/77 from Racine, WI

United States Air Force - Office of Special Investigations

(571) 305-8536

Theodore Jost US Army Veteran Missing since 1980 from Amherst Junction, WI

Portage County sheriff's Office

(715) 346-1448

Andrew Thomas Viater US Navy Veteran Missing since 1/22/80 from Ashland, WI

Ashland Police Department

(715) 682-7062

Norbert "Tony" Dantzman US Veteran Missing since 8/30/19 from Winter, WI

Sawyer County Sheriff's Department

(715) 634-4858

James Liedtka US Veteran Missing since 11/4/18 from Eau Claire, WI

Eau Claire Police Department

(715) 839-4972

David Dodge US Navy Veteran Missing since 4/2/83 from Frederic, WI

Polk County Sheriff's Department

(715) 485-8366

Howard Takenaka US Army Veteran Missing since 1/1/84 from Superior, WI

Douglas County Sheriff Office

(218) 590-0624

Leo Paul Trabert US Army Veteran Missing since 4/9/92 from Wauwatosa, WI

Wauwatosa Police Dept.

(414) 471-8430

Leonard Lawrence Rader Jr. Vietnam Veteran Missing since 4/1/98 from Superior, WI

Washburn County Sheriff's Office

(715) 468-4700

John Edward Christoph US Navy Veteran Missing since 2/2002 from Madison, WI

Madison Police Department - West District

(608) 243-0500

Phillip R Malchow WWII Veteran Missing since 5/6/1963 from Black River Falls, WI

Jackson County Sheriff's Office



National Veterans Foundation: 2017 Wisconsin Act 175:

More than a year later, family of missing Korean War veteran keeps searching

Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children & Adults

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