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David Lee Strahota

David Lee Strahota was last seen in Tomahawk, Wisconsin on November 17th, 2021.

David is a white male, 5’4”, and 200 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. It is not known what he was last seen wearing.

The last time David was seen at his residence was November 17th, 2021, but he was not reported missing until March 15th, 2022. He told several people that he was going deer hunting down south with a friend without giving a specific location, but may have meant the Fox Valley area, southern Wisconsin, or northern Illinois. David indicated that he would be back within a week or two, but has not been seen or heard from ever since. He asked a friend to take care of his animals.

His family and friends say that it’s not typical for him to be gone for months on end, and they are concerned for his safety because he does have some health conditions.

He did not leave any information on where to contact him, he does not own a cellphone, and he left his own vehicle at his residence. There has been no withdrawal activity on his bank account and friends and family have not been in contact with him.

There was an extensive search conducted by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office along with the help of the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the Merrill Police Department, the Tomahawk Police Department, the Tomahawk Fire Department and K9s from Canine Search Solutions near a property on State Highway 86 where David was last seen. This is an ongoing investigation.

David was 61 when he went missing. He would be 62 years old today.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

(715) 536-6272

You can find more on NamUs:


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