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Christopher James Winkler

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

On the evening of February 16th 1987, 19 year old Christopher Winkler knocked on his friend Donald's door. His friend wasn’t at home. His friend's grandfather answered the door and observed that Christopher appeared upset and thought he was being followed by a black truck but asked him to leave. He has never been seen or heard from since. 

Just two months prior in December of 1986, Chris and three of his friends were charged with breaking into Auctioneer’s Inn, an upscale restaurant that Chris had previously done maintenance work at. Many rumors circulated that the restaurant was being used to smuggle drugs through seafood shipments for local biker gangs and during the burglary these drugs were stolen. These accounts, however, could never be verified. 

After his disappearance Chris’ family went to his house but his belongings were missing and his roommates refused to talk. Two of Chris’ friends who were involved in the burglary owned a black truck, similar to the one seen following Chris on the night of his disappearance, and it mysteriously vanished shortly after. 

Even though Law Enforcement and Chris’ family believe that he was murdered on the night of his disappearance, there is no evidence of a crime and his case remains unsolved.  

“We’re just so worried if we wait too much longer, everybody who knows something will be gone.” - Jenna Winkler, niece of Christopher Winkler

Any Leads or Information should be directed to:

Racine County Sheriff's Office 262-636-3367

More information can be found at:

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