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Andy Lathrop

Andy Lathrop from Menasha, Wisconsin was last seen in Hakodate, Japan on August 15th, 2005.

Andy is a white male, 6’0”, and 150 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. It is not known what he was last wearing.

Andy was working as an intern teaching Japanese students to read and write English through Labo, an international exchange company. He was last seen at 7:00 am August 15 while on a weekend vacation to the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido with his fellow colleague, Ariel Smoke.

Andy was scheduled to return to the United States on August 20 and had already packed his bags and sent packages home.

Andy and Ariel visited the island as a way to cap off their year-long overseas tenure and were supposed to meet at a nearby train station. Andy never showed up. He had text-messaged Ariel at 9:53 a.m., stating that he had stopped at a local beach and that he would meet her at the station.

Two men, claimed to have seen him during that time, one of them has video footage of a person believed to be Andy Lathrop sitting near the beach.

Andrew’s body and his personal effects: an iPod, wallet, camera and cell phone were not found at the scene. It is likely that Andy disappeared while swimming, hiking or walking somewhere, all activities that he enjoyed.

Andy was 20 years old when he went missing. He would be 37 years old today.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Town of Menasha Police Department

(920) 720-7159


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