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Andrew Thomas Viater

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Andrew “Andy” Viater was last seen at his family’s home in Ashland, Wisconsin on January 22nd 1980. There was a blizzard that evening and at 4:00am Andrew’s father heard the front door slam. When he looked outside and saw footprints in the snow. He followed them to the nearby railroad tracks where they suddenly stopped. At the time of Andrew's disappearance, he was being treated for psychological problems stemming from his time serving with the U.S. Navy.

Lt. Greg Bebeau became an investigator in the early 1990's, and that's when he started looking into Andrew Viater's case. In 2008, Lt Bebeau was interviewed for a news article with the Duluth News Tribune. He stated in that interview, " I know that, talking to the family, they haven't given up hope. They are hoping he is still alive. [With] the research that I have done in this case, I'm not convinced that he's still alive -- but I'm not convinced that he's not, either. But when somebody has been missing this long, the odds are not in favor of that." Lt Bebeau hopes that someone will come forward with information that could help solve this case for Andrew's family.

The poster below includes photos of Andy at the time he went missing as well as some age progression photos of what Andrew might look like today.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Ashland Police Department

  • (715) 682-7062


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