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Amos Kale Mortier

Amos Mortier was last seen at approximately 11:30am at the Madison Area Technical College campus in the vicinity of the 3500 block of Anderson Street in Madison, Wisconsin on November 8th, 2004.

Amos is a white male, 5’6”-5’7”, and 120-125 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He has a faint horizontal scar above his right eyebrow on his forehead. Amos was last seen wearing blue jeans, canvas style hiking shoes, a brown “Carhartt” hooded jacket, and a baseball style cap. He wears glasses with dark brown frames.

His last cell phone record was at 1:20pm on November 8th. He was seeking repayment from business associates for losses stemming from negligence when he went missing.

Amos was 27 years old when he went missing. He would be 45 years old today.

In October 2021, Channel 3 NOW did a news story trying to bring attention to this case. The initial investigating agency, the Fitchburg Police Department, told News 3 Now, that they consider the case cold.

“Due to the lack of new leads or information,” says Deputy Chief Matt Laha, “the investigation has transitioned to an inactive status.”

The agency stated that they will consider any new leads worthy of follow-up.

Amos's mother Margie, ailing from the toll that this ordeal has taken on her, continues to seek answers. She stated, “What I need to know is, for somebody, whoever was at the house to let me know they took Amos, and this is what happened to him.” The family is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to Amos’ location. They continue to hope for answers.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Fitchburg Police Department

(608) 270-4300

You can find more on NamUs:

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