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Amber Lynn Wilde

Amber Wilde was six months pregnant when she was last seen in Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 23rd, 1998.

She had just recently transferred to the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay three weeks prior to her disappearance. She had a full scholarship and was studying pre medicine to become a pediatrician.

She last spoke to her family members on September 23rd after getting into a minor car accident. She was not seriously injured, however, her head hit the windshield and she had a headache after. The other person involved in the crash called Amber at her apartment that night to work out the damages.

Amber had class at 1:00pm the next day. Her father, who lived in Mayville, Wisconsin, called her to wake her up for class and she did not answer. She also missed a scheduled eye doctor’s appointment as well as other obligations, which was not like her. Her father drove to Green Bay and found her apartment locked. At that point, he reported her missing.

More than a week after she disappeared, Amber’s car was found unlocked and abandoned in the parking lot of a sports bar in Green Bay near Lambeau Field. It is a dark gray, four-door 1988 Subaru GL with the license plate number ‘X5725T.’ Her purse and cell phone were locked in the trunk of the car, where she usually kept them, and the keys were in the ignition. However, the driver’s seat was pushed all the way back, indicating that someone taller than Amber had driven it last.

Some authorities do not believe that her car was in that location for the entire time. It had been driven about 900 miles that could not be accounted for.

Amber’s parents indicated that it is not like her to leave without warning and they do not believe that she would have committed suicide. She wasn’t involved with drugs or alcohol and seemed optimistic about her future.

In 2016, authorities named Matthew John Schneider, the father of Amber’s unborn child, as a suspect. He denied having fathered Amber’s baby as he was engaged to be married to another woman at the same time. According to Amber's journal entries, she told Matthew’s fiancé and mother that she was pregnant with his child about a month before she disappeared and this angered Matthew.

Matthew claimed that he barely knew Amber, but his phone records show that they had about sixty phone conversations back and forth when they had been seeing each other over the course of four months. According to police, Matthew showed no apparent concern for Amber’s welfare after her disappearance.

Foul play is suspected in Amber’s disappearance. Despite multiple searches, including a search of a 30-acre site in Portage County in November 2014 and multiple searches in the Shawano area, Police have never found a trace of her.

Green Bay Police Detectives David Graff and Lee Kingston continue to work this case. They believe that more than one person is responsible for Amber's disappearance. Detective Graf shared in an interview with WBAY: "I think there's other people that know too, that could be a hero and come forward and help, not just us, but Amber's family."

Amber is a white woman, 5’6”, and 135 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She had eight small gold hoop earrings in each ear and wore glasses.

Amber was 19 years old when she went missing. She would be 42 years old today.

Every Sept. 23, Amber's family and friends gather to remember Amber. They continue to hope that this is the year that they will get their answers.

If you have any information, please contact law enforcement or use Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Green Bay Police Department

Detective Lee Kingston

(920) 448-3200

Green Bay Area Crime Stoppers

920-432-STOP (7867)

or submit through the p3 app

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