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Aaron Scott Johnson

Aaron Johnson was last seen in the early morning hours of October 11th, 2020 in Birchwood, Wisconsin.

Aaron is a white male, 5’6”, and 200-220 pounds. He has brown hair, but normally shaves his head. He has blue eyes.

He has the following tattoos: “100% HONKEY” across his back, a depiction of Jesus on the front of his neck, “817” by his left eye, “Dying” on his right hand, “Breed” on his left hand, sleeves of tattoos on both arms, “817” on right calf area, “Amanda” on his right hand by his thumb, and “WOOD” on his stomach.

He was last seen wearing a white colored tank top, plaid boxers appearing to be blue/gray and muddy socks.

On the day of his disappearance, Aaron was given a ride to a location known as 6 mile corner in Sawyer County, Wisconsin. His truck was parked there near the intersection of Hwy CC and Hwy N. His phone was pinged on the same day at 10:15am to an area 12.6 miles northwest of Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

On December 3rd of 2020, Aaron’s vehicle was recovered on a remote logging road at the intersection of Perch Lake Road and Fire Lane Road in Birchwood, Wisconsin. An extensive search of the area was done and numerous clothing items were found in various locations. Among them was a pair of pants believed to be Aaron’s with his identification in them.

Later that month on December 14th, a citizen reported seeing a man matching Aaron’s description walking down a road on October 12th in the area where the clothes were found. The person observed that he was only wearing socks, boxer briefs, and a tanktop. The citizen asked him if he needed help and the man said he was fine. The citizen took a photo of the man. The photo was shown to Aaron’s family and they confirmed that it was him in the photo. (photo on the right)

Aaron has not been seen or heard from since October 12th, 2020.

Aaron was 34 years old when he went missing. He would be 36 years old today.

According to the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office, several agencies have helped with the search for Aaron. His family continues to hold onto hope that he'll be found.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Rusk County Sheriff’s Office

(715) 532-2200

You can find more on NamUs:

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