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About Our Board


Julie Smith, Secretary

for WMPA

My name is Julie Smith. I was introduced to the world of the Missing when my friend, Marsha Loritz’s mother, Victoria Prokopovitz went missing on April 25, 2013. I felt helpless as I watched my dear friend‘s world change. I watched the Immense suffering and despair she suffered over the past several years, struggling with not having answers as to what happened to her mom.

I didn’t know how to help my friend, or fix the agony she was experiencing. I never personally had a loved one go missing, and was at a loss as what to say or to do. I knew my friend was hurting and I just wanted to help her. I supported her in anyway I could think of, from offering a shoulder to cry on, helping to distribute posters, making food, helping with searches for her mom, providing whatever support she needed. I helped with many of the fundraisers and

awareness events. I knew that my friend needed me and the one

thing I knew I could do was to be there for her.

As the years passed, I watched, as my friend became an advocate for others. Through the awareness events she organized, I watched and I realized how Important it was to families of the missing to have that support from others who have experienced similar situations, and understand that emotional trauma. That is the source of support I could not give my friend but knew she was searching for. I knew others probably needed this too.

I did not hesitate when Marsha asked me if I would join her in starting this nonprofit to help others. I learned through my journey with my friend, that Wisconsin doesn’t have a lot of resources for families that

find themselves in this situation, and I think Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy, Inc. will be able to fill that need! WMPA, Inc. has four board members that have missing loved ones, and I have gotten to meet them through the awareness events over the past couple of years. I know that they will be able to provide

support to families who find themselves in what I can only imagine being the most traumatic situation.


I am honored to be part of WMPA, Inc., and believe we can provide

the necessary support to families with missing loved ones, raise

necessary awareness for the missing and be

"The voice of the Missing."

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President & Founder

Marsha Loritz

Daughter of

Missing Victoria Prokopovitz

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