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Wisconsin's Missing as of 4/1/2023

Updated: Dec 31, 2023


~2023 WISCONSIN'S MISSING PERSONS COLLAGE~ Created by Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy, Inc. for Missing Persons Awareness Month

We start working on this collage in January and complete it on or around April 1st to post for Missing Persons Awareness Month. There are 216 photos on this collage. There are several missing persons on our list that we do not have a photo for, and they are represented with a silhouette in place of a photo. There are 20 rows of photos across x 12 rows down. The pictures go in order working down the rows on the sheet starting with the first photo on the top left, the oldest case which is Helen Stark missing since 1/12/46 from South Milwaukee, WI (She has been missing for 77 years).

These photos are from the missing people who's posters are/were listed in one of these databases: ~National Center For Missing and Exploited Children ~NamUs ~Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Adults and Children ~Rapid Search and Rescue ~Doe Network ~The Charley Project

We will not be adding any additional photos to this collage. We will update the post regularly marking those that have been found. Currently, there are 2 missing persons that have been found since we began working on this.

We hope and pray that all the Missing are found and brought home. Please help us by sharing the posters of the Missing.

Together We CAN And DO Make a Difference!!

***4/17/2023 UPDATE*** 3 additional missing persons have been found, for a total of 5 missing persons found.

***9/2/2023 UPDATE*** 9 additional missing persons have been found, for a total of 14 missing persons found.

***12/31/2023 UPDATE***

2 additional missing persons have been found, for a total of 16 missing persons found.


(ones highlighted yellow, and shaded in photo have been found)


Helen Stark 1/12/1946 South Milwaukee, WI

Georgia Jean Weckler 5/1/1947 Fort Atkinson, WI

Ricky J Bryant 12/19/1949 Mauston, WI


Evelyn Hartley 10/24/1953 La Crosse, WI

Max Edward Metcalf 10/7/1958 Princeton, WI


Audrey Jean Backeberg 7/1/1962 Indianapolis, IN /Reedsburg, WI

Phillip R Malchow 5/6/1963 Black River Falls, WI

Ruth Muriel Egnoski 8/1/1964 Delavan, WI


Kenneth Michael Plaisted 11/16/1971 Milwaukee, WI

James Colin Egan 8/6/1972 Mequon, WI

Carol Joyce Wells 4/19/1973 Oshkosh, WI

Orin Robin Anderson 8/26/1973 Mequon, WI

Catherine Lynne Sjoberg 6/5/1974 Concord, WI

Charlotte Ann Erdman 7/18/1974 Watertown, WI

Bonnie Marie Repinski 8/12/1975 Menasha, WI

Dontray Miguel Hunter 8/20/1975 Milwaukee, WI

Carol Jean Pierce 9/8/1975 Sturgeon Bay, WI

Charles H Theis 10/14/1975 Phelps, WI

Louise N Zunker 8/17/1976 Portage, WI

Nahida Ahmed Khatib 10/1/1976 Wauwatosa, WI

Richard Wayne Morrison 4/25/1977 Milwaukee, WI

Frank Thomas Christensen 7/8/1977 Racine, WI

Jean Colborne 7/14/1977 Rhinelander, WI

Robert Louis Christian 9/16/1977 Madison, WI

Suzanne Marie Schultz 12/1/1978 Black Earth, WI

Dona Mae Bourgeois Bayerl 5/6/1979 Muskego, WI


Theodore J Jost 1/1/1980 Amherst Junction, WI

Andrew Thomas Viater 1/22/1980 Ashland, WI

Michael Dennis Small 7/28/1980 Milwaukee, WI

Lisa Lynn Ninham 11/1/1980 Keshena, WI/Menominee Indian Reservation

Jack Alden Wolcott 3/12/1981 Black River Falls, WI

Marcia Arlen Fischer 1/1/1982 Madison, WI

Terrance Lee Schram 1/1/1982 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Sturgeon Bay)

Timothy E Thompson 4/15/1982 Desota, WI

Manuel Jose Ordonez 11/6/1982 Milwaukee, WI

David Charles Dodge 4/2/1983 Frederic, WI

Robert Joseph Fritz 5/14/1983 Campbellsport, WI

Ruth Ann Homberg 11/4/1983 Dunkirk, WI

Howard Shizue Takenaka Jr. 1/1/1984 Superior, WI

Joseph Edward Antczak 5/12/1984 Milwaukee, WI

Cindy L Jones 6/29/1984 Wausau, WI

Janet Robinson 4/1/1985 Green Bay, WI (Ashwaubenon)

Candace J Wright 12/29/1985 Green Bay, WI

James Scott Rawlings 3/8/1986 Mercer, WI

Douglas August Nowak 6/9/1986 Milwaukee, WI

Christopher James Winkler 2/16/1987 Burlington, WI

Norbert Michael Stapleton 9/25/1987 Burlington, WI

Marchelle Hansen 11/12/1987 Phillips, WI

Marie D Jost 3/1/1988 Amherst Junction, WI

Patrick D Kennedy 4/23/1988 Muskego, WI

Sandra B Bertolas 4/24/1988 Menomonee Falls, WI

Cheryl A Spaeth (Duvall) 10/1/1988 Manitowoc, WI

Kerry Aileen O'Brien-Krueger 12/6/1989 Burlington, WI


Jack Dean Greger 5/1/1990 Rice Lake, WI

Francis August Breit 7/1/1990 Eagle River, WI

Vanessa L Smith 12/31/1990 Milwaukee, WI

Lisa Flowers 8/15/1991 Milwaukee, WI

Leo Paul Trabert 4/9/1992 Wauwatosa, WI

Laurie Jean Depies 8/19/1992 Menasha, WI

Wook Kim 7/15/1993 Madison, WI

Kim Michael Klimek 11/7/1993 Wales, WI

Leonard Demarcus Foster 12/17/1993 Milwaukee, WI

Herman George Brown 7/1/1994 Milwaukee, WI

Shannon J Salisbury 10/20/1994 Bangor, WI

Larry Zinc 9/27/1995 Delavan, WI

Dwayne Marcellus Hill 10/2/1995 Milwaukee, WI

James S Ruland 10/24/1995 North Fon du Lac, WI

Artavia M Howard 12/25/1995 Milwaukee, WI

George Edward Smith 3/15/1996 Nekoosa, WI

Sara Anne Bushland 4/3/1996 Spooner, WI

Daniel George Skenandore 4/26/1996 Green Bay, WI

Ben Wilberding 5/24/1996 Tomahawk, WI

Patricia Gail Arnold 7/26/1996 Madison, WI

Shirley Leona Sprang 12/19/1996 Two Rivers, WI

Ruth Ellen Mazuchowski 3/25/1997 Paddock Lake, WI

Julia Ann O'Neill 6/18/1997 Lake Geneva, WI

Rita R Rahn 10/10/1997 Madison, WI

Christopher W Harris 12/1/1997 Milwaukee, WI

Leonard Lawrence Rader, Jr 4/1/1998 Superior, WI

Thomas John Krnak 7/6/1998 Helenville, WI

Donna Kay Krnak 7/6/1998 Helenville, WI

Amber Lynn Wilde 9/23/1998 Green Bay, WI

Danius W Johnson 10/7/1998 Madison, WI

Carmen M Owens 11/2/1998 Shawano, WI

Kimberly Sipp 1/1/1999 Milwaukee, WI

Junelle L Marquard 8/20/1999 Nekoosa, WI

Dayna M. Menger 8/20/1999 Nekoosa, WI

Dakota J. Menger 8/20/1999 Nekoosa, WI


James A Clemons 6/17/2000 Beloit, WI

William John King 6/19/2000 Algoma, WI

Elizabeth Ann Kutz 7/27/2000 Deforest, WI

Dawn Marie Mohn 8/21/2000 Green Bay, WI

Stacy Ann Kathleen Rudolph 12/2/2000 Medford, WI

Sarah J Martin 11/22/2001 Milwaukee, WI

John Edward Christoph 2/28/2002 Madison, WI

Alexis S Patterson 5/3/2002 Milwaukee, WI

Jerrold Darold Strege 9/23/2002 Waupun, WI

Michael Black 11/20/2002 Janesville, WI

Chandra Felita Jennings 4/28/2003 Milwaukee, WI

Andrew Robert Bliss 6/20/2003 Draper, WI

Carrie Ann Polega 10/14/2003 Porterfield, WI

Becky Marie Marzo 12/12/2003 Milwaukee, WI

Jacqueline Kay Mojzis 12/20/2003 Beaver Dam, WI

Beulah Ann Ware 3/23/2004 Green Bay, WI

Tarena Hopgood 5/10/2004 Milwaukee, WI

Steve F Woelfel 6/7/2004 Kewaskum, WI

Gary Paul Bergstrand 6/23/2004 Milltown, WI

Irene R Schaefer 8/4/2004 Milwaukee, WI

Susan D Nunez 8/15/2004 Milwaukee, WI

James P Sobralske 8/30/2004 Richfield, WI

Amos K Mortier 11/8/2004 Madison, WI

Bobby John Curry 3/27/2005 Kenosha, WI

Madeline Kelly Edman 7/29/2005 La Crosse, WI

Christopher D Dickinson 7/31/2005 Ridgeway, WI

Thomas A. Schaffer 8/1/2005 Milwaukee, WI

Andy Lathrop 8/15/2005 Hakodate, Japan (Menasha, WI)

Todd A Yopek 4/17/2006 Denmark, WI

Kinah K Anderson 7/10/2006 Milwaukee, WI

Edward Czerwony 9/30/2006 Township of Carson, WI

Shannon L Fischer 12/18/2006 Praire du Chien, WI

Daniel Lee Geurkink 3/18/2007 Baldwin, WI

Valerie Marie Luszak 8/26/2007 Brown Deer, WI

Joseph Muelbl 10/16/2008 Milwaukee, WI

Staci Lei Paul 1/4/2009 Kenosha, WI

Kayla May Berg 8/11/2009 Antigo, WI

Rose Marie Bly 8/21/2009 Saint Croix Falls, WI


Sofia Khan 6/9/2010 Holland, WI

Geraldine S Morlan 9/13/2010 Ladysmith, WI

Timmothy J Pitzen 5/11/2011 Wisconsin Dells/Aurora, IL

Bilial Lamir Hammette 8/6/2011 Beloit, WI

Timothy Lucas 1/6/2012 Lake Geneva, WI

Gene Jacob Cloud, Jr 1/25/2012 Black River Falls, WI

David Laverne Wobig 2/2/2012 Baldwin, WI

Robert Cartwright 4/15/2012 Bradly/Tomahawk, WI

David Wayne Schroeder 9/22/2012 Onalaska, WI

Thomas Seibold 9/27/2012 Alaska (Three Lakes, WI)

Evon Young 1/1/2013 Milwaukee, WI

Maria Jose Mendieta 2/22/2013 Sauk City, WI

Leonelly Gabriel Barron 2/25/2013 Sauk City, WI

Victoria Lynn Prokopovitz 4/25/2013 Green Bay, WI

Jerome Russell Teubert 9/29/2013 Edgerton, WI

Lawrence Eugene Busche 11/4/2013 Kenosha, WI

Tyriq Jaquan Marlon Pope 3/28/2014 Milwaukee, WI/Hot Springs AK

Alan John Jahnke 10/1/2014 Janesville, WI

Maglorio Santos 3/14/2015 Milwaukee, WI

Adam D Mills 5/27/2015 Milton, WI

John Lee 6/21/2015 Appleton, WI

Tammy Lee Jovaag 6/30/2015 Holcombe, WI

Mackenzie Marken 10/11/2015 Weston, WI

Gilberto Hernandez-Ordunez 1/9/2016 Milwaukee, WI

Marcus James Beilman 3/16/2016 Port Washington, WI

Kraig K Isensee 6/1/2016 Tomah, WI

Shannah Marie Boiteau 6/22/2016 Chippewa Falls, WI

Heather L Archer 7/8/2016 Milwaukee, WI

Nancy Kathleen Renkas 7/18/2016 Florence, WI

Jamie Lee Hoaglan 10/15/2016 Milwaukee, WI

Jovanny Hector Puga 2/25/2017 Green Bay, WI

Krista Marie Sypher 3/13/2017 Plover, WI

Gerald L Brody 4/13/2017 Town of Saratoga, WI

Robert S Lyons 6/4/2017 Menominee, WI

Michael Matthew Wyatt 6/7/2017 Pleasant Praire, WI

Lynn M Rickard 6/25/2017 Dover, WI

Alexander Evan Glenn 7/22/2017 Long Lake, WI

John Joseph Balistreri 9/15/2017 Middleton, WI

William James Ellis 11/21/2017 (Sturgeon Bay) Wyandotte, MI

Lakisha Thomas 3/1/2018 Madison, WI

Jody Lynn Newberry 5/27/2018 Mellen, WI

James Mummer 9/6/2018 La Crosse, WI

Raymond Luis Ocasio 9/23/2018 Ashland, WI

James Bernard Liedtka 11/4/2018 Eau Claire, WI

Horacio De La Cruz Barrera 12/3/2018 Beloit, WI

Nicholas Jeffrey Hieptas 4/1/2019 Doty, WI

Andrew M. Hildebrand 5/12/2019 Oshkosh, WI

Richard J Dilabio 7/10/2019 (Bonduel) Ashland County

Robert D Ernest 8/1/2019 Neenah, WI

Norbert Anthony Dantzman 8/30/2019 Winter, WI


Jon Jacob Morgan Jr 3/6/2020 Waupaca, WI

Rosalio Gutierrez 5/17/2020 Kenosha, WI

Jeffrey Lawrence Stenz 5/31/2020 Port Washington, WI

Johnnie L. Patterson 6/9/2020 Milwaukee, WI

Alexander Michael Kruck 7/17/2020 Milwaukee, WI

Cassandra Ayon 10/3/2020 Unity, WI

Aaron (AJ) Scott Johnson 10/12/2020 Birchwood, WI

Sandra Eckert 3/26/2021 Franklin, WI

Daniel Spilka 6/14/2021 West Allis, WI

Melissa Trumpy 10/26/2021 Monticello/monroe, WI

John Wallenkamp 10/27/2021 Town of Arena, Iowa County, wI

David Lee Strahota 11/17/2021 Tomahawk, WI

Larry Thompson Jr 12/02/2021 Sheboygan, WI

Katie Lynn Hatlevig 12/23/2021 Beloit, Wi

Amber D Young 1/6/2022 South Milwaukee, WI

Kristopher Gubser 1/10/2022 Ashland, WI

Ju N Lee 2/2/2022 Neenah, WI

Justin L. Dickinson 2/11/2022 Shawano, WI

Ryan Christopher Withee 4/4/2022 Milwaukee, WI

Joyce Lenz 5/24/2022 Tahkodah Lake Rd, Bayfield, WI

Joniah Walker 6/23/2022 Milwaukee, WI

Anthony Frederick Kluckman 7/20/2022 Franklin, WI

Zurich Robinson 7/23/2022 Milwaukee, WI

Desteny Rockwell-Chappell 7/23/2022 Milwaukee, WI

Constance Carver 7/26/2022 Milwaukee, WI

Jennifer L Peterson 9/27/2022 La Crosse, WI

Jacob T.S. Wenzel 10/31/2022 Oconto, WI

Leland Roberts-Leyva 11/2/2022 Green Bay, WI

Christopher Miller 11/19/2022 Janesville, WI

Alex Radtke 1/9/2023 Milwaukee, WI

Theodore William Egge 1/13/2023 Marinette, WI

Isabella Caratzola 2/6/2023 Iron River, WI

Javeoni J Buford 11/17/2021 Milwaukee, WI

Nina Anderson 2/18/2023 Oshkosh, WI

Anaviya Goodwin 2/11/2023 Madison

Nyasija Harris 1/20/2023 Deep River, WI

Malik Paulson 3/7/2023 Watertown, WI

Shilo Runae Peterson 2/17/2023 Baraboo, WI

Mildred E Stiller 7/7/1958 Green Bay, WI

Loralei Wallendar 3/19/2023 Milwaukee, WI

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