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Theodore ‘Teddy’ Egge

Theodore Egge was last seen on January 13th, 2023 in Athelstane, Wisconsin.

Theodore, who also goes by ‘Teddy’, is a white male, 5’11”, and 190 pounds. He has blue eyes and has brown hair/is bald.

He was last seen around 12:00-12:30pm asking for directions to Boat Landing 7 Road in Athelstane. It is believed that he then walked southbound on Northway Drive and then possibly west into the Athelstane Barrens Marinette County Forest area.

Reports indicate that Teddy’s roommate contacted Teddy’s mother saying that he was concerned because he hadn’t seen him. He explained that Teddy’s car ran out of gas on Friday, January 13th. The roommate received a call from the Marinette County Sheriff's Office that they had found Teddy’s car on the side of the road.

After Teddy ran out of gas, he asked someone living nearby which direction Athelstane was. They indicated that it was south of there and Teddy then proceeded on foot. One of the members of the search party for said that he went down that same road 30 minutes after Teddy started walking and there was no sign of him.

Teddy is not familiar with this area and there are concerns for his safety. Authorities also indicate that Teddy did not have a working cell phone. They do not believe that there is any indication of foul play at this time. Authorities do not believe that Teddy was picked up by any passing motorists.

A formal search was conducted on January 16th involving Law Enforcement as well as the Athelstane Fire Department, Amberg Fire Department, Middle Inlet Fire Department. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is also assisting via drone search. Volunteers, K9 units, friends, and family of Teddy are also conducting their own searches.

The Marinette County Sheriff’s Office is asking local property owners to check their cabins and properties for any possible signs of Egge being present or passing through, and also to check any game or security cameras. They are asking outdoor enthusiasts to be on the lookout while in wooded areas.

Teddy’s family has posted a $5,500 reward for information about Teddy’s location.

“Every lead that we get, we’re going to continue to look,” said Randy Miller, Marinette County Sheriff. “We’re going to continue doing what we can to help them.”

Theodore is 35 years old.

Any leads or information should be directed to:

Marinette County Sheriff’s Office



Crime Stoppers to submit a tip


Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing & Exploited Children & Adults

1-800-THE-HOPE (1-800-843-4673)


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