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Our Missing Family

Three of our Board Members have Missing Loved Ones.

Here are their stories.

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Jackie Kort, daughter of “missing” Dona Mae Bayerl

Today is the day that I’ve reached the farthest of my strides and tomorrow each step will extend beyond the previous. Although it feels as if I’ve been running a marathon with no finish line, I am determined to keep moving forward. And if I ever do reach that line, I know that there will be a start of another difficult, new “race” that lies ahead.

I’m Jackie Kort, daughter of “missing” Dona Mae Bayerl. The morning of May 6, 1979 changed my life forever when I woke up as a young child and my mother had mysteriously vanished from our home. I’ve never learned the “real story” of what happened that night before, but I will never give up and will continue to search for those answers.

I’ve lived in, which seemed like, a lonely “world of the missing” nearly my entire life. I am fortunate to have had many wonderful people to help me through challenges that I faced but none of them really understood what I’ve been through and what I continue to go through even now today.

That is until... Marsha Loritz, daughter of missing Victoria Prokopovitz, contacted me March of 2015 to invite me to her second annual Wisconsin Missing Persons Awareness Event that was held that following month. Without hesitation, I attended.

This was the very first time in my life that I had met other missing persons’ families. I learned of the work Marsha has been doing for all the missing in Wisconsin, giving our missing loved ones a voice. New resources were introduced to me at the event and I cherished the connections with others.

Although this event was a bit overwhelming to me, I anxiously awaited to attend future missing persons’ events because I learned that I am no longer alone.

In an instant, I realized how important it was to me to have the friendships and support from others in these unfortunate yet similar situations. These friendships will last a lifetime and fill some of the voids in my heart with love, support, and much needed understanding.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to do the same for others, be “a voice of the missing” and serve on the board for Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy. I’ve always wondered where I fit in this great big world. I now know that I have found it; it is right here.

Together... we are stronger with each stride.

Dona Bayerl

Missing since May 6, 1979

Please call, with any information Muskego Police Department (262) 679-5652

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My dedicated facebook page to my mom:

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